James Perry
Wes-Flo Inc.
5707 North
54th St.
Tampa, FL 33610


"Guaranteed Overnight Delivery
To All Points In Florida"

We'll help you manage your resources and help you develop a strategy for moving products quickly and cost-effectively to market.

Container Service - Piggyback Specialist
Chassis 20 and 40 Foot- Tri-Axle

Chassis Sliders
Drop Decks - Lowboys &Flatbeds

Interstate Carrier
48' to 53' Vans
Lift Services

156,000 Square Feet - Modern Concrete Facilities
Sprinkler Systems & 30-Foot
C.S.X. Rail Siding
Full-Time Security
Extra Clean
Overnight Delivery
Guaranteed Overnight Delivery Service to all Points in Florida
We pride ourselves on personalized service, competitive prices, and fast, reliable shipping.

U.S. Custom Bonded Carrier
MC 150420
C.H.L. #47

We deliver with peace of mind.
You know your goods will be where you want them,
when you want them.

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5707 N. 54th St. Tampa FL 33610
(813) 626-2171